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Our mission: To provide clients with the most satisfying building experience possible by offering the utmost in experience, guidance, value and satisfaction. If you are looking for dependability, attention to detail, and knowledge of the latest construction methods, B's Contractors is the company you need to build your next project.

For more than 30 years the professionals at B's Contractors have completed a multitude of building projects from commercial and residential to renovations and retrofits. Our staff will work with you to provide the best service available in a cost-effective manner and within the agreed-upon time constraints.

B's Contractors has been in business in the tri-city area for over 30 years. In 1979, owner, Ernie Bombardieri, decided to take a chance and began building houses on speculation. It wasn't long before he established working relationships with several real estate firms in the area and the business took off.

Through the years Ernie was also able to establish a relationship with the National Park Service and began doing commercial work at Grand Canyon National Park. What started as a residential company has developed into a company that emphasizes commercial work, but one which has not forgotten its roots.

While continuing to build residential projects on a limited basis, B's Contractor's most recent work has been heavily commercial. In the past 14 years, B's has constructed banks, schools, medical offices, warehouses, convenience store/gas stations, fire stations and a fire fighting base, recreation centers, office buildings, multi-unit apartment complexes, hotels, manufacturing plants and even a town park.

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Amanda Bombardieri
Rick Brazil

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